This creative space is brought to you by me, Jeremy Houchens.  This creative home base is for the various work I do in the areas of photography, writing, and cultural storytelling.  If you are interested in stories of people doing amazing things in the world or about great organizational cultures, then this is the place for you.  Feel free to take a look around and please let me know what you think.  Thanks!
Jeremy Houchens, Build Your Culture
Capturing a great picture can be rewarding and extremely challenging.  Let's face it... when you're in the moment, things happen fast and whether you are using video or photography as a medium, it's fun to capture great moments.
Many people have the opportunity to experience work and play in the company other other individuals, or groups.  It's within these groups that I find inspiration, direction and a purpose for my efforts with a camera.
Within the groups we interact with daily, there is a story that is being built.  Recognizing small moments is an important part of telling the larger story of our organizations.  With the help of creative media, we all have the opportunity to tell our stories and to turn the organizational culture into our greatest asset!
Jeremy Houchens, Build Your Culture

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A study of how Charlie Chaplin moved through the world and was able to produce so many great pieces of film work.