About, JeremyHouchens.com


This is the creative home base for me, Jeremy Houchens.  This website is a place where creative output is fueled by a desire to connect and learn more about the world we all live in through the experiences and voices of different cultures.

This Website

What is this website all about? First and foremost, this website is an exercise in the broadening of skills, creativity, learning, and exploration.  This site is an exercise in creating content from small areas of interest and to see where the rabbit holes lead.  On some level, it's about the process of personal creation. I can't think of another way to express it, so there you go.


I am Jeremy, the guy with the creative ideas that drive this website.  During my time in corporate environments, I worked in a string of technology startups, learning how to build complete marketing platforms from a technology and communications perspective.  Today, I make my living helping companies navigate the waters of marketing technology.  I also work on many of my own website assets, this site being one of them.

If there are any questions, feel free to reach out and say hello anytime.

Jeremy H.