The Beginning

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Hello Everyone, welcome to the new!  You may ask yourself, "The new Was there an old one?"  Yes, there was a "version 1" of this website, which has been taken offline and has now been archived.  This new website, or "version 2" is a reset of topics and content that I find interesting.  This is home base for many of the creative journeys I pursue in life.

Listed below are a few of the activities that will be used for creative output:
  • Drums
  • Photography
  • Music Productions
  • Writing

By engaging with these artistic pursuits, many times they will be focused on the following areas of interest:
  • Native Languages
  • Travel
  • Language revitalization programs
  • Tribal cultures
  • Rhythmic studies

I am not sure where this journey will lead, but this website is going to be an artistic approach to exploring and learning more about the world around all of us.  If you find value in the content, please feel free to leave comments or reach out and say hello.

Thanks for visiting!
Jeremy H