To my personal website!  This website is a place where my creative output is fueled by a desire to explore, build, and share the things I find interesting in the world we all live in.


My name is Jeremy Houchens.  I am the guy behind the creation of this website.  For over 20 years, I have worked in technology startup environments in the areas of web development, marketing, and business development. Practically speaking, that means I have built over 150 websites corporate and organizational websites that are designed to speak to a specific audience in order to build awareness, create engagement, and ultimately deliver traffic to help companies and organizations achieve their goals.


This is my personal website. A place where I can write, program, experiment, and share various media productions that I find interesting.  There will also be business related concepts in marketing, sales, and corporate culture.


First and foremost, I enjoy programming, database design, and bringing ideas into the real world through technology.  To create things that people can interact with and to be inspired to build their own ideas.  This website is a place where I can experiment, share, and test ideas about topics I have a passion or interest in.  These areas may include programming, marketing, and culture.   

Essentially, it's where innovation, culture, and technology intersect.

I am glad you have visited my website and please feel free to reach out and say hello anytime. 

Jeremy H.